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Amanda Gnadt

CollaboratorAmanda Gnadt

Email: asgnadt@k-state.edu
Phone: 785-532-3965

Amanda Gnadt is the get-the-student-started person for Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance (Great Plains IDEA). Need to know how to find a "home" university? Amanda will point you in the right direction. Want to see if a closed class can squeeze in one more student? Amanda will help.

Amanda joined the Great Plains IDEA team in 2010. She easily grasps what students need and who they need to contact to make a smooth entry into their distance education studies. She is the Great Plains IDEA lead campus coordinator, coaching campus coordinators at each Great Plains IDEA partner university. She works with the other campus coordinators to assure that course information is accurate, enrollments are on schedule and grades are posted in the IAA shared database.

Amanda earned her bachelor's degree from Kansas State University in human ecology and mass communications. She served as an admissions representative at K-State for two years, recruiting high school students from northeast Kansas and the greater St. Louis area. Her master's degree is in counseling and student services. Amanda enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and their families as well as reading, traveling and experiencing new people and places.