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Carol Hockersmith

Program AssistantCarol Hockersmith


Carol Hockersmith thinks it's fun to search for commas in a series or add apostrophes to "master's degrees" as she edits Institute for Academic Alliances materials.  She's "in the zone," fully immersed in her work, when she has words to edit.

Carol is program assistant for the IAA, which includes administrative duties for Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance (Great Plains IDEA) and AG IDEA. She is the one setting up meetings and conference calls and styling directories and journal submissions.

Her bachelor's degree in journalism and mass communications serves her well for accuracy in a project and the finesse to seek and find answers to accomplish tasks.

Carol's master of liberal arts degree helped her hone her critical thinking skills, given her deeper understanding of the human experience and fosters her appreciation for the value of interdisciplinary studies. She is delighted to use her skills to advance graduate education with inter-institutional delivery.