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Institute for Academic Alliances

Carol Gould

Co-Director, IAA
Executive Director, Great Plains IDEA


Carol Gould can whip a policy and procedure manual into shape and balance a budget and still have time for yoga over the lunch hour. Carol is co-director of the Institute for Academic Alliances and executive director of Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance (Great Plains IDEA). Her responsibilities for this position include managing and supporting the Great Plains IDEA cabinet and human sciences board of directors, executive committee, functional teams and academic programs operating under the auspices of the Great Plains IDEA.

At Kansas State University since 1987, Carol earlier in her career was director of the university's Community Service Program and co-director of the Kansas Center for Rural Initiatives. Before coming back to K-State in 2009 to be executive director of Great Plains IDEA, she took time to be director of public relations for the City of Junction City for three years. She and her husband also have a public relations consulting company.