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Dawn Anderson



Dawn Anderson consults for IAA. She was among the staff who helped to get IAA up and running. She has been part of the the IAA project since 2000 and was project coordinator for fourteen years before becoming a consultant. Prior to her work with IAA, she was associate director of affirmative action for Kansas State University. She was responsible for the University's affirmative action plan, which involved detailed workforce analysis and investigating discrimination and harassment complaints. Dawn has a master's degree in gerontology from Iowa State University.

Dawn describes herself as a data junkie who thrives on gathering, compiling and analyzing information to extract useful "bytes" for grant proposals, market demand research and curriculum development. Her strength is presenting information in a format that doesn't overburden decision makers - distilling the information to its core message - making the data speak. She says, "Plunk me in front of a computer to design survey questions or analyze survey results and I'm happy as a pig in... Oops!"

Bike riding is Dawn's preferred mode of transportation, particularly with one of her grandchildren on the back squealing with delight when they hit bumps. Playing the piano is another joy in her life, along with her wonderful husband, parents, children, grandchildren and sisters.