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Institute for Academic Alliances

Sue Maes

Sue C. Maes

Co-Director, IAA
Dean, K-State Global Campus

Email: scmaes@k-state.edu
Phone: 785-532-3110

Dr. Maes enjoys the challenge of building new academic programs and fostering institutional collaboration. She is committed to improving access to higher education and has an extensive background in distance education, project development and management, and external funding acquisition. Dr. Maes serves as Dean of K-State Global Campus and as Co-Director for the Institute for Academic Alliances at K-State. For the past several years she has also facilitated the development of the Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance. Outside of her universal responsibilities she has dedicated recent attention to building and stabilizing the Manhattan Community Foundation and the International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame.

While she makes her balancing act look easy, her widespread involvement in higher education and the community leave many admirers wondering if she secretly has a clone. While Sue and her family enjoy international travel, her personal joy is studying the wildlife and plants of the Konza Prairie.